Each creation by Marco Meletti is born from the experience and professionalism of a team of specialists who, using advanced methodologies and equipment on quality materials and innovative alloys, create superior jewellery according to the most advanced processing methods for precious materials.

“Skill, expertise and technology”

Manual wax modelling


Wax modelling

Wax modelling allows one to create unique and custom shapes before creating a wax model,
which disperses when placed in a coating of plaster and is then heated.
Metal is then poured into the mould cavity. The jewel is formed from the previously designed shape, be it a pendant, a ring or other precious object.

setting of precious stones



The final process of setting is done manually, which allows for the stones to be fixed in a clasp
or claw, enhancing the lustre of precious stones and ensuring that the gem remains stable on the jewellery.

metals handwork



Manual processing allows one to mould the malleable filaments of precious metals to create special details, to assemble small parts of the object and braid wires, whether as decoration
or supports for the jewel.