Each Marco Meletti creation is born from the desires of the client and the ability to combine traditional practices with cutting edge methods and technologies to render true emotion and profound sentiment into an exquisite form. By using femininity as inspiration, the collections of Marco Meletti express, through a unique line of rare stones and metals, the character, style and emotion
of the feminine world.

“Gold and precious stones arouse emotion”

ring retail Marys collection



The Marys collection by Marco Meletti includes jewellery inspired by the confident and mature woman. It exudes elegance, strength and simplicity, the fundamental values of life.
They are classically inspired creations with simple and elegant lines that are dominated
by the shine of the white and yellow gold settings and bezels that clasp all precious stones
and brighten up the pure light of diamonds and the intense colours of rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

earrings detail Cora collection



The Cora collection by Marco Meletti is designed for the woman with international, modern and fashionable tastes. Upon soft and smooth forms, the colours of precious and semiprecious gems triumph: from the nuances between green and blue aquamarine, the different colours of corundum, the brilliance of the ruby to the different shades of sapphire, with nuances of pink, then blue
and green tourmaline, to the tones of purple and blue tanzanite.

Collezione Diva _Marco Meletti Jewelry Maker



Diva collection by Marco Meletti Jewelry Maker is designed for woman with great personality who knows she is unique and inimitable, like the jewelry she’s wearing. The creations of Diva are items that cannot be reproduced in equal measure for the choice of particular materials. This makes each element of the collection even more precious. Metal Processing, cuts and unusual forms of rare gems enhance the exclusivity and prestige of each jewel.

Marco Meletti Jewelry Maker_collezione Helena



The Helena collection expresses the joy, cheerfulness and playfulness of running in the open air, somersaults on a meadow of daisies and the contagious smiles of children. The jewellery is simple and lively while expressing taste and rarity, such as the collection’s elegant earrings-white gold illuminated by small diamonds and pendants that take the form of cute little animals in multicoloured hues of aquamarines, amethysts and rose quartz.